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    Computationally Efficient Test for Gene Set Dysregulation
    Dessy, Adrien[UCL] Dupont, Pierre[UCL] (2014) International Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology — Strasbourg, France
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    Decrease in IL-15 production by cord blood mononuclear cells as a marker of atopic disease
    Lombard, Catherine[UCL] André, Floriane[UCL] Paul, Jérôme[UCL] Wanty, Catherine[UCL] Vosters, Olivier[UCL] Bernard, Pierre[UCL] Pilette, Charles[UCL] Dupont, Pierre[UCL] Sokal, Etienne[UCL] Smets, Françoise[UCL] (2014) 47th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition — Jerusalem, Israel
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    Kernel methods for mixed feature selection
    Paul, Jérôme[UCL] Dupont, Pierre[UCL] (2014) 22th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN'14) — Bruges, Belgium
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    The Coxlogit model: feature selection from survival and classification data
    Branders, Samuel[UCL] D'Ambrosio, Roberto[UCL] Dupont, Pierre[UCL] (2014) IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Multicriteria Decision-Making — Orlando (FL)
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    Statistically interpretable importance indices for Random Forests
    Paul, Jérôme[UCL] Dupont, Pierre[UCL] (2014) 23rd Annual Machine Learning Conference of Belgium and the Netherlands (BENELEARN) — Brussels, Belgium