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This section aims to give specific information about permissions / copyright and licence for authors.  Self-archiving of research contents in an institutional repository raises quite some questions about author's intelectual property rights for the "creator" (--> researchers, professor, PhD student or Academic staff). We'll also describe what are the conditions and existing conventions applied by UCL, USL-B or UNamur about author rights for research works make in-house.

If authors have to be mindful of their rights as a creator it's also very important for them to lead good negociations with publishers. Indeed, author have to fight to get an acceptable agreement with publishers to add publications with Open Access status into the repository. In a other chapter, we give som examples of publisher's policies with a criticical view and some advice for a good contract with your publisher. If the contract with your publisher is already signed, you can ask to add an addenda to the contract to be compliant with mandate and publishers agreements. You also find few tools to know how to publish and choose the right journal !

Beyond all contractual aspects and intellectual property rights, author can choose to use a additional simple and standardized way to give the public permission to share and use works added into the repository. For this author can add a Creative Commons license according to their needs.

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