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Submit a thesis in DIAL

1. Preliminary checks before submission

Before requesting access to DIAL. pr for the doctoral student, the doctoral student is asked to sign a non-exclusive contract authorizing the UCLouvain to distribute the electronic version of the thesis via its institutional repository. Possible copyright issues, particularly with regard to "article-based" theses, can be clarified with the research administration (ADRE). Indeed, among other things, for reasons of confidentiality, it is possible to limit the dissemination of the full version of the thesis: limit access to the intranet, delay the dissemination in time, prohibit access to certain chapters...

Finally, from a technical point of view, your file must be saved in a readable and exploitable PDF format (so that the full-text search is effective). The thesis can be divided into several files in order, for example, to give different access to different parts of the thesis. However, it is advisable not to excessively multiply the number of files.

2. Inform the central library service of the future submission

2.1. Notice of my thesis' defense

Your secretary will contact the librarian managing the thesis submission when you have all the information related to public defence. The information below is required:

Information to be provided by the doctoral student to the managing body:

Name and surname of the doctoral student:

Name and surname of sponsor:


Title of the thesis:

Defense date:

E-mail address:


Once the information has been received by the manager, access to the theses encoding form in DIAL. pr is activated. The doctoral student will therefore be able to submit his or her thesis using his or her "MyUCLOUVAIN" login and password.

2.2. Thesis submission in

You are now ready to submit your thesis in DIAL. pr.

  1. Go to the Dial. pr homepage, log in using your UCLOUVAIN login and password in the left menu.

  1. Once logged in, click on Déposer

  1. Choose your institution and the document type "Thèse", then click on Commencer

  1. Click on Commencer un noveau dépôt. Now you can fill in the different fields with bibliographic information related to your thesis. Fields marked with * are mandatory. Once the different information has been encoded, click on "Proceed to the next step".
  1. The 5th step concerns the submission of the "full text" of the thesis and the choice of the "type of access". If necessary, it will always be possible to modify this type of access to the defence outcome upon request to the manager and with the agreement of the sponsor or jury members. Four types of access are available in DIAL. pr:

                                            Access prohibited (full text not available)

                                            Restricted access to UCLOUVAIN (full text only available on the UCLOUVAIN network)

                                            Access embargo until... and then "Free access" (Deferred free access)

                                            Free access (full text freely accessible on DIAL. Pr)


The doctoral student is also invited to read and accept the broadcast license. The latter grants non-exclusive broadcasting rights to the Catholic University of Louvain. If you agree to this, you must check the box "I agree to the terms and conditions of the deposit".

Encoding advice

  • Navigating the screens: You can return to an earlier step by clicking the buttons on the progress bar at the top of the screen. Buttons in light grey indicate steps that have not yet been completed.

  • Possibility of suspending the process: At any time you can suspend the process by clicking on "Save current encoding" at the bottom of the page in order to save the information already entered. You will be able to resume the submission later on, from the list of interrupted submissions. 
  1. Encoding verification: you can check all encoded data and correct it if necessary by clicking on "Edit".
  2. You can also modify the attached file or its type of access via the "Attached file management" button.
  1. Submission Validation: Click on "Validate Deposit" to complete the submission process. A warning message will appear on the screen to confirm that your submission has been completed.

As a reminder, the encoding of the thesis in DIAL. pr must be done before the public defence of the thesis. If the data encoding and submission of the thesis text has not yet been completed as the defence approaches, a reminder may be sent to the doctoral supervisor and his entity to remind them of the filing requirement.

3. Post-defence monitoring of the process

What happens next? At this stage, the encoded thesis is not yet visible in DIAL. pr. It is only after the approval of the thesis by the president of the jury and the receipt of the diffusion authorization validated by the ADRE, that the manager  is informed by the secretariat of the entity concerned.

The latter validates the thesis in DIAL. pr and blocks access to the system for the doctoral student concerned. At the same time, the thesis is made public in DIAL (unless restrictions are requested for the entirety or parts of the thesis). The DIAL manager then returns the URL of the identification form of the thesis to be printed and attached to the diploma for signature by the Rector.

From this URL, the secretariat of the managing body transmits the information to the rectorate with the diploma.

The Rector's secretariat checks that the form is present and submits the diploma to the Rector for signature.


4. Why do I have to submit my Phd thesis on DIAL?

In order to constitute a complete electronic database of theses defended within the UCLOUVAIN and its partners, each doctoral student, about to defend his or her thesis, is required, by decision of the Academic Council of 9 September 2005, to fill in a web form containing the bibliographic data relating to his or her thesis: author, title, department, jury members, abstract, keywords and attach the full text of his thesis in PDF format. This information and proof of submission will be transmitted to the Rector, after the defence of the thesis, for the signature of the diploma.

Thanks to submit, the thesis will also appear in other directories such as DART-Europe or OATD (Open Access Theses and Dissertations), gathering the theses defended in several hundred American, Asian and European institutions. The thesis in question will also be found in the directory of the BICTEL/e project presenting, online, research publications from all the universities of the Communanté française de Belgique.

This approach is part of a global movement to make research results available ("Open Access"). The advantages for the researcher to submit the electronic version of his thesis are noticeable: a greater visibility, the valorization of research, the rapid dissemination of research results worldwide, the possibility of enriching the documents with multimedia elements,...

Important: the process of granting the degree is only completed when the final submission of the thesis has been executed in DIAl. pr.

4. Question & Support

If you have any questions about thesis submission process  in, do not hesitate to contact our manager:

If you encounter a technical difficulty while encoding in, do not hesitate to contact us: