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  1. Too much or too few? Trust and Transparency in the Sharing Economy
    By : Hofheinz, Philipp[UCL] Directed by : Aust-Gronarz, Ina[UCL] (2017) Louvain School of Management

  2. The effect of the 2008 Crisis on 15 years-olds' vocational aspirations in PIGS countries: an assessment
    By : Monseur, Olivier[UCL] Directed by : Parienté, William[UCL] LINDE, Jona (2017) Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales, politiques et de communication

  3. Peace and value education: a comparative understanding from Montessori and Freire
    By : Premanand, Anupam[UCL] Directed by : Pourtois, Hervé[UCL] Zelis, Guy[UCL] (2016) Faculté de psychologie et des sciences de l'éducation