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  1. Adaptive applications with multimodal user interfaces
    By : Tsang, Ho Yien[UCL] Delhove, Erwan[UCL] Directed by : Mens, Kim[UCL] Duhoux, Benoît[UCL] Dumas, Bruno (2022) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  2. Une fabula versipellis chez Pétrone ? Analyse du chapitre LXII du Satyricon
    By : Van Hijfte, Mathilde[UCL] Directed by : Smeesters, Aline[UCL] (2022) Faculté de philosophie, arts et lettres

  3. Analyse d’un poème de Francis Ponge : Le Pain
    By : Soumoy, Hubert[UCL] Directed by : Lisse, Michel[UCL] (2022) Faculté de philosophie, arts et lettres

  4. Generating data for financial portfolio optimization
    By : Corluy, Harold[UCL] Directed by : Nijssen, Siegfried[UCL] Gianmarco Aversano[UCL] (2022) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  5. Towards a scanning thermal microscope for measurements below 20K
    By : Fonck, Valentin[UCL] Directed by : Gehring, Pascal[UCL] Hackens, Benoît[UCL] (2022) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain