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  1. Steel reinforced concrete columns using high strength grades
    By : Paoletti, Maxence[UCL] Directed by : Vassart, Olivier[UCL] (2019) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  2. Learning through Optimization Programs
    By : Pinon, Brieuc[UCL] Directed by : Glineur, François[UCL] (2019) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  3. Analysis of the spine through a multibody model and IMU technology
    By : Leroy, Eve[UCL] Directed by : Fisette, Paul[UCL] Abedrabbo Ode, Gabriel[UCL] (2019) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  4. Une petite herstory polonaise du XXe au XXIe siècle
    By : Mowinski, Marie-Elise[UCL] Directed by : Walczak, Dorota (2019) Faculté de philosophie, arts et lettres