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  1. Malware Sandbox Deployment, Analysis and Development
    By : Tascon Gutierrez, Luis[UCL] Directed by : Legay, Axel[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  2. Temporary infrastructures and Ah-Hoc networking for Mars explorers
    By : de Streel, Maxime[UCL] Directed by : Riviere, Etienne[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  3. Sensor fusion at the extreme edge of an internet of things network
    By : Neirinckx, Guillaume[UCL] Bastin, Julien[UCL] Directed by : Van Roy, Peter[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  4. Evaluation of students' source code submissions using Machine Learning
    By : Brigante, Simone[UCL] Directed by : Nijssen, Siegfried[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  5. Predicting delays in Brussels’ public transport
    By : Lesuisse, Catherine[UCL] Directed by : Siegfried Nijssen[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  6. Doing large-scale computations on an Internet of Things network
    By : Banken, Julien[UCL] Xanthos, Nicolas[UCL] Directed by : Van Roy, Peter[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  7. Opportunity study for the implementation of gesture recognition technology in the hospital environment Commercialization through a university spin-off
    By : Usuwiel, Harry[UCL] Wilberz, Jean[UCL] d'Aspremont Lynden, Tancrède[UCL] Nothomb, Bastien[UCL] Directed by : Vanderdonckt, Jean[UCL] Janssen, Frank[UCL] Kieffer, Suzanne[UCL] Roselli, Paolo[UCL] (2020) Louvain School of Management — Louvain School of Management — Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales, politiques et de communication — Ecole polytechnique de Louvain