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  1. Aerodynamics of porous airfoils using a novel panel method
    By : Abizzaad, Hamza[UCL] Directed by : Chatelain, Philippe[UCL] Ronsse, Renaud[UCL] Colognesi, Victor[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  2. Convex optimization with inexact second-order oracles
    By : De Boeck, Olivier[UCL] Directed by : Glineur, François[UCL] (2020) Ecole polytechnique de Louvain

  3. Should we divest from the fossil fuel industry?
    By : Demolder, Camille[UCL] Directed by : Axel Gosseries[UCL] (2020) Louvain School of Management