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Castor: a constraint-based SPARQL engine with active filter processing



Abstract: Efficient evaluation of complex SPARQL queries is still an open research problem. State-of-the-art engines are based on relational database technologies. We approach the problem from the perspective of Constraint Programming (CP), a technology designed for solving NP-hard problems. Such technology allows us to exploit SPARQL filters early-on during the search instead of as a post-processing step. We propose Castor, a new SPARQL engine based on CP. Castor performs very competitively compared to state-of-the-art engines

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Publication Date : 2012
Document type : Communication à un colloque (Conference Paper) - (Présentation orale avec comité de sélection)
Conference : "Extended Semantic Web Conference", Heraklion, Crete, GR (du 27/05/2011 au 31/05/2011)
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